Pilates For A Pain-Free Tennis Game

Do you love playing tennis? If so, you know how hard the power-based game can be on your body. Not only is it a high speed and high impact sport, tennis also requires a lot of spinal rotation and has a tendency to put stress on the shoulder of the dominant playing hand. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most common types of injuries amongst tennis players are the back, hip, knee and shoulder.  ..

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Pilates Retreat at Montpelier Plantation & Beach, Nevis

We are just back from Nevis and another successful Pilates retreat at Montpelier Plantation & Beach. We had such an amazing time making new friends, taking in the local sights and enjoying the sunshine that it was nearly impossible to come back. Pilates and Nevis go together like sunshine and sea air. It really is the perfect envionment for letting stress melt away and focusing on what really matters, giving your body some much-needed TLC. And don't worry, if you couldn't make it this time we will be doing it again so be sure and reserve your space early. Here's a taste of what you'll get to see and do!  ..

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Form Physio owner Peter Crawford featured in the Daily Mail

You may have seen Peter around the studio. He's the super friendly, high-energy physio (he also owns the place). But that is not all. After the recent feature in the Daily Mail, we have all learned more about Peter, the ex-internatinal polo player and proud owner of the biggest collection of Champagne in Britain. Yes, Champagne.  ..

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London Pilates Studio x CYKL-HAUS


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The Times confirms Pilates better for back pain than pills

In case you missed the front page of The Times on Friday...  ..

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Form Physio Chiswick: Home Sweet Home

We are finally settling into our new surroundings at Form Physio here in Chiswick and we thought we would introduce you to the new space and some of the friendly faces that you’ll be seeing around. How about a quick tour of the space first? Just press play below.  ..

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Text Neck with Dr Alan Mandell — VIDEO

Dr Alan Mandell speaks about positioning ourselves while using our phones.  ..

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Do you suffer from text neck?

In the age of technology in which we live, is text neck inevitable? Dr Andrew Martin of Active Backs says no.  ..

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Pilates: Mindfulness, Men & Injury Rehab

For years, pilates was considered an exercise regime strictly for dancers and Hollywood starlets.   ..

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STOTT PILATES® bridges the gap between injury and activity

Andrew Martin, doctor of chiropractic and owner of ActiveBacks, recommends his patients to Vanessa Pearce at London Pilates Studio, to learn how Pilates complements his treatment.   ..

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Pilates Retreat at Lucknam Park Spa 6-8 June 2016

The 'Energise Pilates Retreat' is designed by Vanessa Pearce, a highly regarded certified Stott Pilates instructor and owner of London Pilates Studio.  ..

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STOTT PILATES® Instructor Spotlight: Vanessa Pearce

STOTT PILATES® has just published Vanessa Pearce’s Pilates story.   ..

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"I avoided the typical problems of pregnancy with Pilates"

Expectant mum Holly Cole-Hawkins does a combination of Pilates Matwork and Physiolates at London Pilates Studio.  ..

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London Pilates Studio empowers Strictly Charity contestant after major back surgery

After last year’s success of Chiswick’s own Strictly Charity, The Park Club is again hosting the event, in aid of the Children’s Air Ambulance.   ..

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Back in shape and feeling confident

Pilates was recommended to Myriam Ben Yedder by her GP as she suffered from a bad back. Myriam chose Vanessa Pearce at London Pilates Studio after extensively researching Pilates teachers in Chiswick.  ..

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Lucknam Park Pilates Retreat with Vanessa Pearce

 Energise Pilates Retreat at Lucknam Park Spa   ..

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Pilates and pregnancy

Should you continue with Pilates if you're pregnant? Here are some key considerations for expectant mums.   ..

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Ashtanga Yoga at London Pilates Studio

Saturdays - 11.30 am – 1.00 pm, Thursdays - 1.00 pm – 2.30 pm   ..

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New class: Reformer Pilates with Casey Gillespie

Pilates on the Reformer taught by Casey  ..

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